To never forget.

I was born 15 years after the end of WWII. I was taught to never forget. I just want all of you young to understand have horrified our parents were, when they realized the extend of the atrocities of the nazis. And that it can happen again.

I was in Berlin twice in 2014. The place that got to me the most was probably Denkmal für die ertmordeten Juden. Here a couple of pics. Today, to remember the holocaust.


What’s up?

To a street photographer of today, one thing stand out – the smartphone. Wherever I look, someone’s looking down into a cell phone.

There’s both pros and cons with this, First, people look down a lot and for me – always looking for eyes an eye contact – it’s boring and frustrating. Second, the blueish light from the screen help light people faces. And most don’t see me right away (I might have the time to take more than 1-2 pics).

Here are three very typical examples, all from Gothenburg: