Pigeon playground.

My playground, Amsterdam

Today’s pictures I took at de Dam in Amsterdam a little more than 1,5 year ago. First I only copied them in black and white, but as I’ve started to work lots more in color, I decided to redo them. Which one do you like the most?




Homeward bound.

On a tram heading for home, I caught hese two, mainly focusing on her. They didn’t see me shooting, so there was time to take more than just one shot.

When I got home I saw that there was this little change between the two pics – yet again an perfect example for my project “Time is Change”.

Time is change.

My Project Time is change (#TIC)is slowly picking up speed. Now there’s a page in my portfolio/project section on this site, where you can check it out. #TIC is at the moment (sic) what broods my mind the most, so I’ll soon update with more pics.

The page is here: Clicketiclick…