Faces of Chicago.

Love faces. Have always done so, will always continue doing so. So when in Chicago a while ago, portraits and peoples expressions naturally found their way into my camera.

All of these pics taken in July of 2017.


Back to Windy city.

In a few weeks I’ll be back again. Last time it was for Thanksgiving and the November wind was less forgiving.

This time it’ll be summer and we’ll be approximately 12 Swedish Street photographers, staying for a long weekend. Me, I’ll first visit my family in Indy (Indianapolis). Seeing them again is a must, but after that I’ll indulge in all of the more or less dramatic Chicago scenes. See you there?

Eyes here and now.

Recently got a question for my best tips in Street photography. Three came to me instantly, to me the most important ones: 1. Get close, 2. Eyes and 3. Take lot of photos.

Eyes are to me the most important element in street photography. Eyes looking at you or projecting and leading to something else, maybe the main motif? When I walk the street it’s eyes I look for most of the time. Here a few examples of what I mean.

With greatest pride.

Visited the Rainbow Parade in Gothenburg the weekend past. So much joy, intertwined with some pain. Life itself in a way.

Here some of my pics, as I’m not really finished with them all. So fun that a man contacted me and asked for a pic of his husband, that was in the parade too. I’m happy to oblige.

To never forget.

I was born 15 years after the end of WWII. I was taught to never forget. I just want all of you young to understand have horrified our parents were, when they realized the extend of the atrocities of the nazis. And that it can happen again.

I was in Berlin twice in 2014. The place that got to me the most was probably Denkmal für die ertmordeten Juden. Here a couple of pics. Today, to remember the holocaust.

Windows, reflections.

Sometimes I’ll charge myself with a task as I photowalk. A day last July I was all into windows and their reflections. Just for the fun of it. 

Read more about different ways to add to your street photography in my and Daniels work shop, part 7 “What adds to your photo?”